All kinds of music are available in Switzerland

Switzerland is certainly a paradise for all mountain top lovers looking for a calm and enchanting environment. The proud Swiss Confederation hosts celebrations, festivals and all kinds of events throughout the year! Discover Montreux Jazz Festival, Paléo Festival and a lot of other events in Switzerland.

All kinds of music are available in Switzerland

Music lovers will be thrilled because there are many music festivals in Switzerland and they come in a large variety of styles and sounds. Many of these great gatherings enjoy an international reputation, such as the Montreux Jazz Festival. For two weeks, from late June to early July, Jazz enthusiasts converge on the shores of Lake Léman from all countries of the world to dance to the rhythm of the saxophone or piano. Montreux Jazz Festival is known globally and the greatest artistes are always present there.

In late July, continue your tour of the music festivals in Switzerland by exploring the Paléo Festival in Nyon. This massive event lasts for more than one week and offers not less than six open air scenes and an impressive list of renowned artistes. Apart from Paléo Festival, enjoy a more family-friendly experience when you go to the Geneva Music Festival with numerous street concerts in late June. Finally, if you arrive a bit earlier in the season, do not hesitate to go on a side tour of Interlaken because from mid-June, the Greenfield Festival takes place here and sets itself apart not only by the quality of its 100 % rock programming, but also by its very ecological outlook which is highly-regarded in Switzerland.

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Lake Léman is not the only place where people dance! The festivals of the French-speaking part of Switzerland include the Festi’Neuch de Neuchâtel which takes place on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel. Enjoy absolutely relaxing reggae, jazz and soft rock.

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Tradition, shows and cinema: everything you need for visual entertainment

The festivals in Switzerland are obviously not limited to good music, and you will enjoy numerous cultural experiences during your stay on Swiss soil. Wherever your holiday destination may be, try not to miss the many festivities and outstanding firework displays of the National Day on 1st August. The pyrotechnic shows of the Grütli prairie, near Lake Lucerne, are particularly recommendable.

Curious travellers can stimulate their minds by visiting Coppet Castle on the shores of Lake Léman. Around mid-June, this former residence of Madam de Staël is the enchanting location of a drama programme. Finally, one of the main Swiss festivals of the seventh art is the Open Air Kino which takes place from late July to mid-August. Twenty or so Swiss cities take turns to broadcast great films during an open air session. This promises to be an extraordinary experience.

Did you know?

During the festivals in Switzerland, you can get more books for your library. In early May, Geneva Palexpo hosts the highly renowned International book fair. There, you will surely discover all the new literary works and also get autographs from many of your favourite authors.

Don’t come back empty-handed from Switzerland

Are you looking for the best of the Swiss festivals in all areas? It would be a shame if you don’t experience the greatest delights of the Swiss Confederation! As the winter season approaches, the festivals of French-speaking Switzerland include the great Chaux-de-Fonds watch-making fair where you will share the passion of antique dealers, master watchmakers and ordinary individuals for the ultrafine mechanics of clocks, watches and other timepieces made in Switzerland. Swiss chocolate is best enjoyed in late November and December, during the many Christmas markets that take place in big city centres all over the country. The ambiance there is very different from that of the Montreux Jazz Festival or Paléo Festival but just as convivial.

The magical festivals in Switzerland will enable you to discover and rediscover the country from a unique angle every time you visit. Switzerland is also popular for its magnificent landscapes and skiing tracks.