Here are some hiking tips for exploring the Land of the Rising Sun.

Hiking in Japan is really a wonderful experience: its landscape comprises of mountain ranges covered with vast forests and volcanoes and the peaks are sometimes draped in a mysterious haze.

The Daisetsuzan Natural Park: a hike in the wilderness

Hikers who desire to explore the unusual countryside when hiking in Japan will be amazed by the features inside the Daisetsuzan Natural Park. This pristine natural space has dozens of volcanoes and is surrounded by numerous waterfalls and green plains, covered with alpine flowers in spring. During this season, the site is adorned with more than a thousand colours, given that some 200 different species grow on the premises.

Go on a trip of discovery to the Omote Daisetsuzan zone, the top destination for hiking in Japan. This area has about fifteen volcanic mountain peaks reaching altitudes of up to 2,300 m. The highest peak is called the "Roof of Hokkaido" because it is the dominant feature of the island’s landscape. There are several possibilities: hiking towards Mount Kuro will take you to an altitude of more than 2,000 m, covered in clouds and adorned with wild flowers.

Did you know?

As the biggest national park in Japan, Daisetsuzan has its own native fauna and flora. Go and discover the famous Blakiston owl, one of the biggest in the world! It can reach a height of 70 cm. The indigenous people of this Japanese island consider this animal - which is unique in the world - to be sacred. It is considered to be the god who protects this vast region.

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Explore the Ishigaki islands, a paradisal archipelago

Located in the extreme southwest of Japan, the Ishigaki Islands are one of the most beautiful spots for hiking in Japan and they make for a memorable day! Ishigaki also has a lot of wonderful coastal areas, with numerous beaches frequented by divers because of their incredible seabed and landscapes. In fact, its territory has virgin forests and rivers, the delight of all types of hikers! Start hiking by going on a kayak tour on the Miyara River which is bordered by verdant mangroves. Continue the adventure in the very middle of the forest in Yonehara, where absolute calm reigns as you walk along paths bordered by palm trees. This pedestrian hiking will bring you to the observation point at Tamatorizaki cape, giving you a superb view of the surrounding green vegetation. For a more immersive view of the Japanese countryside, very brave hikers will dare to climb Mount Nokoso, which is 282 metres high.

For a relaxing and spiritual break, do not hesitate to visit Torinji temple. This temple is located at a walking distance of only 10 minutes from the Okinawa city centre. In all tranquillity, discover this intimate small temple dating back to more than 400 years! Known by the locals, this edifice is protected from overcrowding by tourists.

To rest from your walk, there is nothing better than sunbathing on Ishigaki Beaches, some of the most beautiful beaches in Japan. The most visited beaches are Yonehara Beach, Sujuki Beach and Sunset beach, which are well known to divers (one can also borrow equipment there). You can discover a myriad of multicoloured fishes in their waters. Good to know: boat cruises are also provided during the day so that you can see the famous black pearls of Okinawa. Some boats have a glass bottom, which makes it possible to see the magnificent underwater species.

Good to know!

Day boat cruises are also available to pay a visit to the famous black pearls of Okinawa. In some boats with a glass bottom, you will have a glimpse of the magnificent underwater species...

Go on a visit to bears on Bear Mountain

The Hokkaido region, situated in Northern Japan, has a great variety of wild animals, including the brown bear, sometimes called "the king of the domain". Thus, you will often have extraordinary encounters with the local fauna when you go hiking in Japan. This is particularly the case in Bear Mountain where, as its name suggests, a wooded area extends to the top of a mountain. This destination offers a unique opportunity to observe the bears in their natural habitat during your day, along the fifteen hectares suitable for hiking. Here, bears coexist with human beings without disturbance, at the heart of a very lovely forest area. It is an extraordinary experience that is warmly recommended to children and adults, as part of a vacation involving family members or friends. It is an unforgettable discovery that will give you indelible memories of your trip to Japan!

Whatever the Japan hiking experience that you choose, you will be welcomed by enchanting landscapes, which combine incredible natural diversity with profound change of scenery. Regardless of whether you go on small health walks as a family or more exerting climb for experienced hikers, numerous possibilities are open to you. To adapt to the Japanese mindset, simply keep this in mind: in the country, nature is the mistress and she must be treated with the greatest respect.