Are you looking for inspiration for your honeymoon in France?

The Hexagon is full of beautiful destinations! Every region of France has a unique heritage and identity and you can enjoy a romantic stay while you explore as a couple. Take walks on the lakeshore, taste lovely food and explore the wildlife. France offers you endless possibilities for a great honeymoon experience. Here are some ideas of activities you will enjoy.

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Enjoy the natural environment and food in Bassin de Marennes

Newly-wed couples who desire to celebrate their honeymoon in France will love this top destination that has been nicknamed "the Oyster Capital". On the Côte d’Azur, you will enjoy the Provencal seafood; in Bassin de Marennes, you can feast on some of the best oysters in the country while you explore the rich culture and the heritage of their producers. Follow the Cayenne Channel which extends over a distance of 4 kilometres and enjoy the beautiful view of multicoloured cabins used for oyster farming. Cabins with lighter colours have been built on old salt marshes. When you arrive at Cayenne Port, admire the superb view of Seudre Bridge and the multicoloured boats. This is certainly one of the most romantic settings for a memorable honeymoon!

Continue walking until you reach the Oyster City, where you can take tours of the oyster farm. Accompanied by a guide, you can learn about oyster farming and how this aquatic treasure is produced. Have a candle-lit dinner in one of the numerous restaurants that offer the finest gourmets.

Did you know?

The oyster called Marennes-Oléron has a unique colour, with a bluish sheen. This colour is due to the presence of microscopic algae within its body. Due to the temperate climate and the clay soil in which it was produced, it gives off very delicate aromas. This is why it is the only type of oyster with a red label in France.

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Have a getaway experience for couples on Oléron Island

Rightly called “the Luminous One”, Oléron Island is a particularly romantic destination for your honeymoon in France. Just like Provence, the island has great sunshine during summer and you can enjoy all kinds of activities in the natural environment. Roam along its fine sand beaches and massive dunes while you observe the fishermen afar off. You can take magnificent honeymoon pictures. Go on an enchanting stroll along the Ors Channel, bordered by multicoloured cabins and old equipment on the seashore. Visit the various workshops where local artistes practice their art in oyster cabins. You will have a lot of wonderful memories as you explore workshops specializing in ceramic painting, violin making, flatware, jewellery and other artisanal marvels during this memorable honeymoon.

To explore the cultural side of this great destination during your honeymoon, head for Château d’Oléron where you will get immersed in the history of this region. This castle was

built by the Aquitaine dukes and was destroyed during religious wars. You can still explore its ruins, especially the lovely fortress that was dedicated in the 17th Century. From a vantage point on this monument, you can admire the outstanding view of the Port of Saint-Denis de Oléron while you enjoy a refreshing break. Continue walking along the ramparts of the chapel and examine the superb door works and stone arches. Thereafter, follow the steps which lead right towards the ocean. The magnificent sand beaches of the island will delight you during this breathtaking honeymoon experience. Follow the road between Saint-Trojean-les-Bains and Vert Bois, lulled by the noise of the waves and encompassed by cream-coloured dunes. This is a memorable experience for newly-weds. Oléron Island has numerous spa resorts near the sea for a relaxing time.

Did you know?

The Mimosa celebration in Oléron takes place in February. During the festivities, the islanders pay tribute to this lovely yellow flower that grows on Oléron lands. Many entertaining shows are held, including junk shops, floral floats, concerts and motorcades. This impressive colourful parade will give you a memorable honeymoon experience in France.