Here are some activity ideas for your honeymoon in Japan

Are you planning for your honeymoon in Japan? The land of the Rising Sun has a lot of surprises for newly-weds! Paradisal volcanoes, bamboo forests, waterfalls and verdant plains cover the Japanese landscape, affording one of the most romantic getaway experiences.

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Go to Furano for an intimate and romantic getaway experience

Although Tokyo is a top destination, you should not forget the much more exquisite Hokkaido Island. During your honeymoon in Japan, leave the capital for Hokkaido for a breath of fresh air in the open natural environment and enjoy complete freedom. Explore every nook and cranny of this small village where the land is full of flowers and Mount Tokachi dominates the landscape. If your honeymoon in Japan is scheduled for July, know that wonderful violet colours will cover the ground and extend for kilometres: Furano is completely covered in lavender!

You will see tulips, poppies, gypsophila and cosmos when you stroll as a couple, affording one of the most romantic tours ever. You can admire this vegetation and its heavenly fragrances from a closer distance when you visit Tomita farm, one of the biggest lavender farms in Furano, where you can get great views of the mountains. The flowers there are carefully cultivated. You can also visit the distillery where lavender essential oil is made. This is a perfect souvenir from your honeymoon in Japan! Here’s a tip for sweet-toothed couples during their honeymoon in Japan: taste the sweet snacks offered on the site - made from lavender (cream cookie, ice cream, cheesecake, etc) - accompanied by delicious herbal teas. This is a delight!

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Japan: a honeymoon on paradisal Ishigaki Island

If you are dreaming of going to a fantastic environment where you can enjoy complete intimacy, far from the urban bustle of Tokyo, Ishigaki is no doubt one of the destinations of choice for your honeymoon in Japan. Considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Land of the Rising Sun, it is full of idyllic beaches. For your honeymoon in the country, visit Kabira Bay in order to enjoy a magnificent view of the 7 shades of blue that adorn the sea. Stroll hand-in-hand on white sand, contemplating the faraway wooded hills. For a snorkelling session during your honeymoon in Japan, go to Yonehara beach. Within its coral barrier, the multi-coloured fishes swim freely under the crystal-clear and pleasantly-gentle water. Kabira Bay is also popular for its seabed, where one can admire the manta rays. Even though it is forbidden to dive there, it is highly pleasant to observe the aquatic fauna from a glass-bottomed boat or using snorkelling equipment. Newly-weds that desire to enjoy a more intimate tour during their honeymoon in Japan can go to the deserted beach in Shiraho.

Would you like to go on an adventure to celebrate your honeymoon in Japan? From the surroundings of Yonehara, you can climb Mount Omoto-Dake, the highest peak of the archipelago, which is 525 metres high. From its heights, you will be able to enjoy an unequalled view of the natural environment of this flourishing country. Continue exploring the island by visiting its traditional villages where old houses have coral block walls and roofs adorned with sculptures.

Did you know?

The Shiraho Sea bordering the Ishigaki Island has more than 120 kinds of corals and nearly 300 kinds of fishes. This is where the largest blue coral reef in the world is found, which is also the oldest in the Northern Hemisphere! A conservation centre was established in order to protect this precious heritage.

Your romantic honeymoon in a tropical island in Japan

Hiking in Daisetsuzan Natural Park, the little jewel of wild nature

During your honeymoon in Japan, you can immerse yourself in the outstanding natural environment! Together, you will tour and discover this unusual environment, at the very heart of volcanoes, waterfalls and verdant plains. In spring, the ground is covered with magnificent alpine flowers of some 200 different species. The lands of Daisetsuzan are covered by vegetation with one thousand and one shades.

If you wish to hike during your honeymoon in Japan, count on the Omote Daisetsuzan area which has about fifteen volcanic peaks, with some mountains reaching about 2,300 m in altitude. The highest is called "Roof of Hokkaido", because it is the most prominent feature of the entire island. Yet, it is not as high as the famous Mount Fuji. During your climb, you may come across the Blakistan owl, one of the biggest owls in the world. It lives only within the park, like several species that are native to Daisetsuzan. Japan is a perfect choice for discovery and relaxation during your honeymoon.

Celebrate your perfect honeymoon in Japan. You will be captivated by the serenity that reigns in the country. Be careful to respect its customs. The Land of the Rising Sun is very traditional and it is important to pay attention to its traditions so that one can enjoy a more authentic honeymoon in contact with the locals. This is an outstanding getaway experience!