Here are some ideas for your honeymoon in Mauritius

Are you visiting Mauritius Island for your honeymoon? This pearl of the Indian Ocean is full of natural treasures to the great delight of newly-weds looking for a small corner of paradise. Go to its white sand beaches bordered by emerald water, swim with the most beautiful marine species of the planet and climb on the wildest peaks of the island while you admire the breathtaking views.

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Mauritius: honeymoon in Rivière Noire, a getaway experience in a natural environment

Rivière Noire is located at the very heart of wild and paradisal nature, among waterfalls and gorges covered with green vegetation. This romantic scenery is perfect for your honeymoon in Mauritius. Visit the charming Flic-en-Flac village along the coastal road bordering the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy underwater diving during your honeymoon in Mauritius. Explore marine life like stonefishes, rhinopias, eels and multicoloured corals.

To discover one of the most superb diving spots during your honeymoon in Mauritius, visit Rempart Serpent, an undulating reef that is 120 metres long and 1 metre high. You will come across numerous multicoloured butterfly fishes! Visit the "Cathedral", one of the most famous diving sites in Mauritius. You will find an immense cave interspersed with cavities, fissures and crevices that host a particularly rich fauna (lobsters, morays, jacks, catfish, etc). One experience you must not miss is the dolphins at the Rivière Noire Bay! For the most audacious couples, it will be a memorable experience to swim with these silvery creatures.

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Visit Chamarel, the land of 7 colours

One of the highlights of your honeymoon in Mauritius will probably be Chamarel, a village with a land of seven colours ranging from ochre to shades of red, violet and brown. The green shade of the dense jungle adds to this incredible pallet of colours. You can also visit the incredible and highly-recommended Chamarel spa during your honeymoon in Mauritius.

Explore the surrounding areas. You will surely encounter swallows, bats and tropical birds when you walk through the ebony forest. Cross the elevated footbridge and enjoy a breathtaking view of the forest area. Make the most of your honeymoon by contemplating the outstanding view of Morne Brabant - an imposing mountain with a height of 550 metres - and the surrounding bays. You can rest for a while at Chamarel waterfall, a dizzying waterfall with a height of 100 metres. It is fittingly regarded as the most beautiful waterfall in the country. This popular honeymoon destination in Mauritius is encompassed by dense forests.

Did you know?

The land of seven colours is the product of a geological oddity. Its multiple colours were created by volcanic rocks that cooled at different temperatures, covering the ground in various shades. It is very pleasant to stroll between the coloured dunes during your honeymoon.

Mauritius: Enjoy your honeymoon near Gabriel Island, one of the most preserved reserves

Gabriel Island is a top destination for married couples during their honeymoon in Mauritius, because the environment is particularly romantic. This natural protected reserve has sheltered beaches with white sand at the edge of crystal-clear water.

You will discover a magnificent seabed with constellations of multicoloured corals and exotic fishes in this open-air aquarium at the edge of the beaches. Do not forget to include Gabriel Island in your honeymoon plans in Mauritius. There are benches all along the path where you can sit and observe the ocean closely. Since there are minimal facilities available in this remote destination, it feels like a deserted island and is a great joy for couples who desire intimacy during their honeymoon in Mauritius. Without doubt, you will have a memorable honeymoon on Mauritius.

When you spend your honeymoon in Mauritius Island, you will surely have an idyllic getaway experience with postcard-worthy pictures. Mauritians deeply respect their natural environment and strive to preserve their paradisal landscapes. To enjoy an ideal climate, it is better to go between May and November when the sea is relatively warm and you can relax under the gentle sunshine.