Are you a seasoned sportsperson or just curious, would you like to try out kitesurfing in Bali?

Bali is a popular destination for this amazing sport that combines kiting with surfing which is a delight for thrill seekers. Explore our selection of the best places to go kitesurfing in Bali in order to go there with a plan.

Under what weather conditions can one go Kitesurfing in Bali?

Even though it is difficult to predict weather conditions, there is certainly an optimal season when you can go kitesurfing in Bali. Thus, the ideal period extends from May to September. More specifically, a peak gust of wind blowing at a speed of 22 to 30 knots is observed between June and August. All the same, note that there are some wind power differences from the eastern coast to the western coast. Generally, the western tail of the Island of the gods is windier, with an average wind speed of around 15-20 knots.

Apart from the unpredictable wind, most of the meteorological conditions on the Indonesian Island are very favourable for water sports. The sea has a stable and comfortable average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. There is no need for coveralls! Furthermore, from June to August, you will be able to avoid rains and enjoy the constant sunshine. In short, even if there is really no wind, you can still relax and get a tan on the beach!

Go kitesurfing in Bali and stay in our resorts!

Sanur on the east coast of Bali is an ideal kitesurfing destination for beginners

This is the destination of choice for kitesurfing in Bali. There are numerous kitesurfing schools that provide lessons. All the lessons are delivered in accelerated form and you will be able to learn the basics and begin kitesurfing. You can even jump into the sea after the first lesson. You will practice controlling your glider, moving on your board without injuring yourself, rising up, etc. In short, Sanur is the perfect destination for the kitesurfing beginner! With its calm sea and gentle wind, it is a destination with unmatched climatic conditions for kitesurfing.

In Sanur, experienced kitesurfers who did not bring along their own kitesurfing equipment will be able to rent surfing equipment easily. Even though Sanur is one of the top destinations in the island, it is specifically reserved for kitesurfing beginners. It will be frustrating for those who already have a good skill level because the wind here is sometimes light.

Bali Kite Festival

Bali is a top destination for kitesurfing and it even has its own kite festival in July and August. Whether you are amateur or a professional, you can enjoy a nice and festive time (with music as a bonus!) and get entertained whilst you watch the show on the water.

Go for the challenge in Canggu, on the west coast of Bali!

With its black sand beach stretching into the horizon, Canggu is worth the detour! However, that is not all: it is one of the top kitesurfing spots in Bali. The wind which blows there is indeed stronger than elsewhere on the Island of Indonesia. Sometimes, it is even said that even if there is no wind

in Bali, there is wind in Canggu! Apart from the wind, the waves and rollers could surely catch you unawares. In short, kitesurfing beginners should stay away!

There are several interesting destinations around Canggu for all waterboarding speeds. The big and uncrowded Berawa Beach is perfect because you will not encounter any obstacle there. Yet, it is bombarded by numerous waves which could interfere with your surfing. Thereafter, you may test the Tugu hotel Beach: it is recommended for the most experienced kitesurfers. Finally, Seseh Beach may prove to be the best option. It is quite large, you can take off into the air better and you will not be much hindered by steep rocks.

Bali is a famous destination for kitesurfing and offers fascinating scenery for this gliding sport. Would you choose Canggu or Sanur for this thrilling activity?