Where can you celebrate the New Year's Eve in France?

Explore our selection of places where you can spend your New Year’s Eve in France. This is a beautiful opportunity to explore France whilst celebrating the New Year!

A New Year on the snow in Val Thorens or Tignes

What if you spent the New Year in the highest resort in Europe? New Year’s Eve is a unique and unforgettable event and you can experience as a family or with friends! What are the activities you can do? Torch-lit skiing descent in the late afternoon with a big pyrotechnic show at the end of the tracks! Watch outstanding fireworks against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains. It is one of the most beautiful winter sceneries in France!

Eat warm chocolate whilst watching the festivities and enjoy dinner in one of the numerous restaurants in the resort! Dance till the end of the night! During the evening of New Year’s Day, the decorative lights in Val Thorens come on and you will surely have a memorable New Year’s Eve in France!

In Tignes, you can wear a down jacket and Moon Boots during the evening of New Year’s Eve! Spend the New Year’s Eve on the mountain and enjoy a unique and exotic experience! The entire resort is in festive mood and a good ambiance prevails. Visit Tignes and savour the breathtaking views of the landscape from the high mountains! The beautiful snow and steep mountains will be a perfect background for the end-of-year celebrations in Savoie.

In Tignes, trade the snow floor for the dance floor and enjoy a delightful evening in the resort. At midnight, admire the sublime fireworks that mark the beginning of the New Year, and then continue to dance all night! You and your loved ones will surely enjoy an original and unforgettable New Year in Savoie!

New Year's Eve in our all-inclusive resorts

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Celebrate the new year in Cannes, Provence

Enjoy a memorable celebration of New Year’s Eve in France when you visit one of the most beautiful regions of the Hexagon! This year, you should visit Cannes in Provence! During the celebrations, the City of Festivals is decorated with beautiful lights and has a festive and warm ambiance.

In the evening, you and your loved ones can enjoy a meal cooked by one of the top chefs in a renowned Cannes restaurant! Head for La Croisette and admire the great fireworks from the promenade. Celebrate the New Year on the beach along the boulevard and enjoy a memorable evening in Cannes!

New Year's Eve in the French Rivera

Visit Royan and enjoy the New Year on the seashore

Head for Royan to enjoy the New Year on the seashore! Take a walk on Grande Conche Beach and explore the treasures of the surroundings before the festivities begin. You should also visit the small surrounding villages. Meschers-sur-Gironde has troglodytic dwellings and La Palmyre has a superb zoo where you will enjoy a lovely time as a family or with friends.

In the evening, go to one of the restaurants in the city to enjoy a lovely time as a family or with friends. Celebrate the New Year in a festive atmosphere by watching shows with friends, dining as a couple or dancing all evening. You will surely enjoy a memorable New Year’s Eve in Royan!

Our country is full of great destinations where you can celebrate the New Year in a memorable way! Choose from our selection and celebrate a beautiful New Year in the city, at the restaurant or even on the mountain!

Did you know?

Many restaurants and discotheques in Royan offer booked themed evenings for Saint Sylvester’s Day. You can dine while watching a show at the Casino, or enjoy an evening of dancing and music. Royan is a great destination for the New Year celebrations!