Would you like to enjoy a relaxing stay in Phuket in an idyllic setting?

Phuket is a small island (50 km surface area) located off the coast of Thailand that is nicknamed “the Pearl of the South”. The Indian Ocean beaches of the island are some of the most beautiful in the world! It is a top destination for luxurious tourism and Phuket spas are famous all over the world.

Exotic fragrances in Patong Bay near Phuke

The west coast of Phuket has a lot of spas, because it is the most touristic location. It is noteworthy that this is where the most beautiful beaches of the island are found. This is a destination you must visit for a pleasant stay! Famous beaches here include Karon Beach, Kata Beach or the calm Kalim Beach.

The luxurious spas of this Thai island go the extra mile to give you a pleasant stay. You will receive wellness care to nourish and rejuvenate your facial skin. You will also receive nail care and body exfoliation with exotic fragrances (coconut, vanilla, etc.). The spas in Phuket offer a breathtaking view of the ocean. Depending on your goals, you can choose from different types of massages. These massage sessions are both reinvigorating and relaxing and they all give you a feeling of wellbeing. Thanks to the soothing fragrances used (essential oils, local plants, etc.), you can let go of stress and tension in a calm and serene atmosphere.

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Traditional massage in Chalong Bay

In Phuket, you can also enjoy spas that are located further south of the island. There are also numerous places of interest here. These include the famous Big Buddha of Phuket and Chaithararam Temple (Wat Chalong).

Go for a spa with a swimming pool so that you can get refreshed in lukewarm water after your massage. Moreover, why don’t you enjoy an open-air massage directly under the sunshine at the edge of the Swimming pool? In any case, before you leave Phuket, you should try the famous Thai traditional massage which originated from an ancestral tradition dating back to more than 2,500 years. It consists of stimulating acupressure points along the body to release tension and circulate energy. Relaxation is guaranteed!

You can enjoy a snack on the beach after you leave the swimming pool. In the extreme south, you can go on adventure to Nai Harn beach. It is still well-preserved because it is not easy to reach. You can then head for Rawai beach, the ideal starting point for exploring the small islands around Phuket, e.g., Koh Bon, etc.

Thai feet massage

Feet massage is a type of traditional Thai massage. It is notably based on the plantar reflex technique. The feet has specific points that are directly linked to the organs in our body: liver, stomach, throat, head etc. When these points are massaged, it helps to relieve various aches.

There is absolute calm in the islands surrounding Phuket

Go to one of the spas in the northern part of Phuket, far away from everything else, particularly in the area surrounding the “Ao Po” Marina where sailboats and yachts meet. Conclude your relaxing stay in Phuket in this idyllic setting. This calm environment is far away from civilisation, alone in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Lovers of luxury and pleasure will enjoy a unique experience, especially with the promise of total relaxation that is not disturbed by the noise of the crowds!

You can return to the city once you are rejuvenated and more serene. You can easily reach Thalang District in the northern part of Phuket by following the main road of the island. Not very far from there, you will reach Phuket Town which is the economic powerhouse of the island with shops, hospitals, businesses, etc. You can go on a pleasant stroll during a stay in Phuket Town.

With its sublime beaches and postcard-worthy scenery, “the Pearl of the South” remains a top destination for relaxation. In short, we are sure that you will have no difficulty finding a spa in Phuket, all you have to do is choose!