The Indonesia Tour Guide

If you are wondering what to do in Indonesia or how to explore the splendour of this country, follow our Indonesia tour guide. Indonesia is a multifaceted archipelago where you can experience a breathtaking culture and stunning landscapes.

Indonesia is a land with multiple influences

Indonesia has been enriched over the centuries by the cultures of various peoples. In its own way, each of these cultures has shaped the amazing and multifaceted identity and heritage of this archipelago. On Bintan Island, the 500 Lohan Temple, its golden statues and the sea of 500 sculpted faces in the garden will immerse you into the Buddhist identity of Indonesia. In Bali, you can walk around at the heart of Besakih Temple, located at the foot of Mount Agung, one of the most beautiful volcanoes of the island. This is a tour of Indonesia that you must not miss if you wish to learn about Hindu traditions.

You can visit Indonesia throughout the year. The equatorial climate of the North offers temperatures around 30°C all year round and the tropical climate of the South offers temperatures that are always higher than 25°C. There is always a lot of sunshine all over Indonesia. When rain falls during your stay, it will be more of a refreshing interlude. What can you do in Indonesia when it rains? Be reassured because the rains are always in the form of brief storms and soon the sun starts to shine again

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A paradise for leisure and diving

When you visit Indonesia, you will enjoy relaxing breaks on fine sand beaches bordered by turquoise water. Indonesia is a land of volcanoes where you can relax on the black, golden or white sand of the coastline. At Jimbaran Beach, you will enjoy an expanse of immaculate white sand stretching for several kilometres. You can also enjoy eating fresh fish in one of the seaside restaurants. There are so many paradisal secluded beaches in the clefts of the cliffs in Bukit, Bingin, Padang Padang and Balangan where you can enjoy the warm waters of the archipelago.

Are you wondering what activities you can do in Indonesia? If you travel through Bali, you can get initiated into diving or snorkelling. The waters of Indonesia are popular for their welcoming warmth and the abundance of fauna and flora that they contain. Explore the multicoloured species that have made their home in the ruins of USS Liberty, a ship that was torpedoed in 1942, which now rests in the depths of the sea waters off the coast of Tulamben. You will also enjoy visiting Nusa Penida, the sanctuary of manta rays and mola mola fish.

Go and explore a luxuriant natural environment

When you visit Indonesia, you will enjoy great views of stunning landscapes with dense verdant forests, volcanoes and lakes. On Bintan Island, you can go hiking on the slopes of Mount Gunung Bintan. It is 340 metres high and towers above the island. From its peak, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the equatorial forest and turquoise waters that extend into the horizon. In

Bali, Lake Danau Batur is an emerald jewel near the Agung and Batur volcanoes. Discover breathtaking views when you stroll along the waters or go mountain hiking.

During your tour of Indonesia, you can enjoy sublime beaches bordered by crystal-clear waters and explore a mixed culture and spectacular natural environment with volcanoes and luxuriant forests. Now that you know what to do during your upcoming stay, you can prepare for your breathtaking and memorable tour of Indonesia.

Did you know? The rice field terraces are UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Although nature has been particularly generous to Indonesia, man is responsible for some of the most beautiful landscapes of this archipelago. You must not miss the rice field terraces of Jatiluwih on Bali Island during your tour of Indonesia. Their beauty and the ancestral heritage that they represent have earned them their place as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.