Is your holiday approaching and do you wish to know what you can do in Malaysia? Let us guide you!

Malaysia is an enchanting destination with stunning natural beauty and you will surely enjoy touring the towns and jungles as well as the diving sessions.

A land with multiples influences

The Portuguese, Dutch and British started mixing with the indigenous people of Malaysia beginning from the 16th Century. This mixing of cultures as well as the influences of India and China has produced a country with rich Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic traditions. On the east coast of Malaysia, you can enjoy a tour of Kuala Terengganu City and explore this multifaceted heritage. If you pass through this city, you must absolutely visit Masjid Kristal or Crystal Mosque. This building glows at night. Its architecture is a fusion of tradition and modernity and it is built of iron, glass and crystal.

You can enjoy an extraordinary tour of Chinatown in Malaysia, where you can go for walks in streets flanked by Chinese architecture and then explore the highly colourful Ho Ann Kiong Buddhist temple. Continue exploring the heritage of Malaysia by visiting the Istana Muziah, a colonial-style palace where the Sultan once lived. Conclude your excursion by visiting Kratangan, a market in the southern part of the city where you can explore very beautiful artisanal collections.

Gastronomy derived from culture

Just like its culture, Malaysian gastronomy is a succulent mix of the flavours of the world. The national dish of Malaysia is Nasi lemak - rice cooked in coconut milk. This is a testament to the influences of Thai culture. The roti canai is a crepe which is reminiscent of Indian naan and it is eaten as breakfast or as a side dish with plates of meat.

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Leisure and diving in paradise-like spots

During your tour of Malaysia, there is a strong possibility that you would love to enjoy the uncrowded paradisal beaches of the country. Towards Teluk Chempedak, you will be welcomed by an expanse of golden sand bordered by dense jungle where you can enjoy a relaxing break. In Cherating, holidaymakers can enjoy a great leisurely experience on Pantai beach, which has crystal-clear waters and immaculate white sand. On Chendor beach, you will enjoy the inviting China Sea in the company of turtles that come to lay their eggs. In fact, it is one of the five turtle egg-laying sites that Malaysian authorities have identified in Pahang State.

You should go snorkelling or diving during your visit to Malaysia. There is perfect visibility and the biodiversity of the fauna and flora is impressive. Head for Tengoll Island, where you can admire the multicoloured life of the seabed. Its coral reef has clown fish, baby sharks, starfish and sea slugs. The main attractions in this region of Malaysia are the majestic manta rays that live off the coast of the island.

A thousand year-old equatorial jungle

In Malaysia, the natural environment is remarkable from many standpoints. Go to Chemerong forest and explore the splendour of the equatorial jungle. The dense jungle of Malaysia has been shaped over several millennia and there are dipterocarpaceae with trunks that appear to have been carved and dizzying tualangs, as well as numerous fruit-bearing trees. The fauna of the jungle is also of amazing diversity. Birds, reptiles and legendary mammals like the tiger or gaur live in this luxuriant green forest. During your tour in Malaysia, go hiking on the buttresses of Mount Gunung Tahan where there are waterfalls and small mountain peaks offer superb panoramic views of this natural sight.

Malaysia is a great destination for your upcoming holiday. When you visit Malaysia, you can enjoy the rich mixed culture of the country, its thousand-year old jungle, the beauty of its beaches and the splendour of the seabed. Visit Malaysia and get immersed into its rich natural and cultural heritage.