Go on adventure in Phuket to discover its outstanding landscapes and rich heritage!

Surrounded by the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea, Phuket is a small paradise in the southern part of Thailand. Some of the paradisal beaches in Phuket include Karon Beach, Ranui Beach and Rawaï Beach.

Explore the untamed paradise in Koh Lon and Sirinat National Park

Off the coast of Rawaï, Koh Lon Island is one of the top destinations in Phuket. After about twenty minutes aboard a “long-tail” boat - a small traditional boat, you will land on this wild and hardly touristic island. Walk along the coast and explore its numerous beaches. You will find creeks with crystal-clear water where you can swim. You will also enjoy a rich and authentic excursion to the small fishing village of the island.

Located in the northern part of the island, Sirinat National Park is one of the best destinations in Phuket for exploring the natural environment of Thailand. White sand beaches extend for 13 kilometres without a break. You will surely enjoy hiking on the sand at the heart of this preserved natural environment. The popular destination here is Mai Khao Beach. The coastline is bordered by a forest that has a mixture of Australian pines, morning glory and Indian almond. On the other hand, giant sea turtles also come to lay their eggs on Mai Khao Beach from November to February. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of them and it is for this reason that a refuge for turtles and an educational centre were opened a few years ago. Make sure you see these majestic animals when you visit Mai Khao Beach.

Stay in Club Med during your adventure in Phuket




Big Buddha, the star of Phuket

A visit to the Big Buddha is an opportunity to explore the spiritual heritage of the country. Situated on Nakkerd Hill, this statue built from Burmese (Myanmar) marble which has a height of 45 metres and a circumference of 25 metres has become a veritable symbol of the island. The Big Buddha can be seen from afar because it is perched at an altitude of 400 metres. Once you reach its feet, its enormous size is impressive. Go there in the afternoon in order to appreciate the 360° view that this location offers and conclude your excursion by admiring the sunset on Chalong bay.

A very young Big Buddha

Despite its young age, the Big Buddha has become a major site of pilgrimage in Thailand. Construction work began in 2004 and the site is being visited, even though it is not yet completed. Work is still ongoing and no expected completion date has been announced. Nonetheless, the site is very beautiful.

Spiritual retreat at Wat Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong is the biggest temple of the island. Here, you can visit several buildings in the green area. The most recent and most exquisite building is the main Chedi. It has awe-inspiring rich decorations. Inside it, you will discover intricate decorations, frescoes depicting the life of Buddha

and numerous golden statues. Explore the three floors of the building. You will get to a terrace where you will be able to admire the surrounding green hills and the Big Buddha afar off.

Snorkelling session in Koh He

The waters of the Andaman Sea hold a rich variety of fauna and flora. Explore the splendour of the seabed when you go on excursions from Phuket. Koh He Island is a perfect destination for a day of snorkelling. Surrounded by coral reefs (it is also called “Coral Island”), it is a very accessible spot with ideal conditions and low ocean currents. You will have a colourful underwater excursion with sea slugs, angel fish, red lionfish and frogfish.

When you choose Phuket for your holiday, you will surely enjoy an exotic stay in the sunshine. The paradisal beaches of Phuket and the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea will welcome you for leisurely breaks in a dream-like environment and these excursions are great for exploring the top destinations of this Thai Province.