Let us guide you on your visit to these ancestral lands.

Africa is a dream destination that promises you sunshine and a getaway experience. However, where can you go in Africa to explore this continent of secular traditions and breathtaking landscapes?

Explore the splendours of Morocco

Morocco is one of the top destinations in Africa. You will enjoy beautiful views in Marrakech. The Red City has a bubbling Medina where the scents of souk spices mix with gourmand aromas wafting from the restaurants. You can explore Jemaa El Fna Square and then head for the House of Photography. There, you will discover beautiful photographs that illustrate the Berber heritage of the imperial city. You can have lunch on the terraces of this ryad and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlas in the distance.

Apart from Marrakech, You can also visit Agadir to enjoy a stay at the heart of beautiful landscapes. In Agadir, you can stroll along the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and go on tours to small fishing villages. You will also enjoy the gentle life of the Mediterranean when you visit Morocco. Indeed, the northern coast of the country is bordered by the Belle Bleue. You will be amazed at the rich heritage of Morocco when you visit Tétouan where there are clusters of houses with immaculate white walls. You can also stroll on the golden sand of Cabo Negro Beach and Azla Beach.

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Casamance, the jewel of Senegal

Casamance is an authentic and welcoming destination that must absolutely be considered when looking for a place to visit in Africa. This coastal area is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Senegal. You can relax on one of the golden sand beaches of Cap Skirring. Under the shelter of a coconut tree, you can leisurely contemplate the tides of the Atlantic Ocean. You can also head to the hinterland to get immersed in the core traditions of Senegal and to enjoy stunning views.

Tour the mangrove forest in a canoe and ride along bolongs - salt water canals found near estuaries in Senegal. Visit Oussouye, a small community where you can explore the traditions of the Jola tribe. Memorable experiences await you when you stroll inside a colourful market, explore local crafts or go on a tour of a cashew plantation.

There are lots of souvenirs

Craftsmanship is still important in Casamance region. Therefore, do not hesitate to explore the basketry, pottery and cloth-weaving workshops during your excursions in the villages of Senegal. You will surely discover all the details of these traditions and may also get yourself some items as mementos of your stay in Senegal.

Discover the beauty of Senegal