Follow our tips for a relaxing stay on the paradisal beaches of Asia!

The summer holidays are finally here but you feel like going somewhere else. This year, you will be going to Asia! All you have to do is to choose from one of the Asian destinations that you can visit in July.

The best destination in July? Fly to Bali!

Bali is a top destination to visit in Asia in July. It is certainly the most popular Indonesian island and you will enjoy the warm tropical climate. The average ambient temperature is 25°C and the water temperature is 27°C, the rainfall is sparse so you can enjoy every moment and go on many excursions.

Relax on the beach in Pandawa, go snorkelling at Ulun Danu Beratan temple on the shores of the Ulun Danu Beratan Lake: make your choice! Go on an adventure in the outstanding natural environment of Bali and hike at the edge of the mountain while you explore the lush forest which has impressive waterfalls like the Banyumala or Nungnung waterfalls. You should not miss the rice field terraces of Jatiluwih. They are classified among the UNESCO world heritage sites and they are one of the most beautiful sights on the islands of Asia.

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See Indonesia in a new light on Bintan Island

Turquoise waters, verdant vegetation and succulent food: Bintan Island is one of the top destinations you can visit in Asia in July. Unlike Bali, the climate here is equatorial, making it one of the greenest islands in the region. You will enjoy a refreshing break with brief storms but they will not hinder you from enjoying beautiful days under the radiant sunshine and temperatures around 30°C. The beaches in the northern part of Bintan Island are calm havens where you can relax in the shade of the jungle before diving into the calm sea.

With its wild and preserved landscapes, Bintan Island has beautiful views ranging from the deep green of its forest to the shades of blue of its waters. The mangrove of River Sungei Sebung has monkeys, kingfishers and thousands of fireflies. There are white Sand beaches off the west coast, where you will find idyllic beaches and coconut trees. You will be thrilled by the beauty and diversity of Bintan.

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Japan: a stay at the heart of the mountain

Japan is a top destination to visit in Asia in July, particularly its northernmost island, Hokkaido. Its climate is very gentle during this period. The sun shines, rainfall is sparse and the temperatures remain around 23°C. It will be a great time for going on walks to the mountainous landscapes of Hokkaido.

Daisetsuzan Park is the biggest national park in Japan, with dozens of volcanoes that are more than 2,000 metres high. From Mount Asahi, the most popular, to Mount Tokachi and Mount Furano: your hiking under the fumaroles released by these giants will lead you to the heart of breathtaking landscapes.

Did you know? Hokkaido, a foodie destination

Surely, you have already tasted the delicacies of Japanese gastronomy and you can enjoy more of these flavours in Hokkaido. Seafood is popular on this island. Freshly harvested from the ocean, it is served on all tables in coastal towns. Further inland, bread and noodles made from local wheat will be on the menu. There will also be dairy products, especially cheese.

From Bali to Bintan Island and Hokkaido, there is no lack of magnificent islands to visit in Asia in July! For leisure time on the idyllic beaches or rejuvenating holidays on the splendid mountains of Japan, sunshine and a getaway experience await you!

The best of Hokkaido in July