The Mexico Tour Guide

Head for Mexico! Be captivated by this charming multifaceted country! Do you love history? You will be enthralled by its Maya past and numerous archaeological sites. Do you long for gentleness and warmth? Relax on its charming fine sand beaches, under the shade of coconut trees. These are the things you can do in Mexico during your stay as well as the experiences and treasures of this country – including its sunshine and culture - that you must not miss during your stay.

Mexico: what can you do as a nature lover?

For all lovers of extraordinary landscapes, Mexico is an Eldorado! The diversity of Mexico’s natural environment will surely captivate you. From lush forests to deserts, fine sand beaches and extraordinary historical sites, Mexico abounds with incredible landscapes. Are you wondering what to do in Mexico? Do not forget the Yucatan peninsula and its Caribbean coast. Its seaside resorts, like the famous Cancún City beaches with their fine sand and turquoise water are ideal for relaxing vacations and sunshine in a scenery that is fit for a postcard!

In Mexico, you can enjoy swimming inside cenotes, famous natural swimming pools with gentle water, a delight for travellers looking for a more meditative atmosphere! They are ideal for private swimming time and you will find them mainly on the Yucatan peninsula, they are really awesome to look at! For fresh air, all you need is an excursion to the mountainous and the wild Chiapas region. The region is rich in natural treasures, from the extraordinarily beautiful Palenque Park to Cañon del Sumidero - the choice site for seeing crocodiles or the Montebello Lagoons. Are you in love with desert landscapes? Baja California is a delight for people who love warm and arid natural environments. It is a region for adventurers, with desert, cactus and fine sand!

Did you know?

The deepest cenote in the world is found in Mexico! It is a natural swimming pool called Zacatón, more than 300 metres deep and located in the north-eastern part of the country. In 2007, a robot created by NASA plunged deep into the cenote to map it and touched bottom at 317 metres!

An extraordinary history: Maya cities

Mexico has a rich history and archaeological sites to be explored. Chichén Itzá is one of the largest Maya cities that you must see during your trip to Mexico. There, at the heart of the Yucatan peninsula, you will find numerous edifices from this civilisation. The site is exceptional considering the size of the buildings. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Just like Chichén Itzá in the Yucatán peninsula, the Tulum site is an absolute must-see! This highly famous Maya site, bordered by a paradisal white sand beach, offers an exceptional environment for a memorable tour of the Caribbean coast. The Palenque site is located at the heart of Chiapas. This other Maya city in the tropical forest is classified as a UNESCO World heritage site, with more than 35 restored edifices. There are extraordinary sites to explore in Mexico!

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Highly colourful Mexican culture

Today, the beautiful culture of Mexico is known for spicy and plentiful food, colourful and happy towns and villages. All of this was built upon a strong cultural identity! Visit Mexico and taste the local delicacies! You must not miss the famous tortillas, a Mexican staple food. Served with the famous Mexican guacamole, it is a treat for your taste buds. A varied, tasty and authentic cuisine awaits you here.

Delight your eyes by visiting the most beautiful cities in Mexico. People who love history and colours will appreciate the colonial Guanajuato city in the centre of the country, full of picturesque and colourful small houses. Are you looking for authenticity in Mexico? Visit Yelapa village on the Pacific coast. Very far away from Mexican seaside resorts, you will find a simple small fishing community living in harmony with the sea.

Immerse yourself in Mexican culture during a dream journey to the country of guacamole! Maya temples, fine sand beaches or small colourful towns - there is something for all tastes. You will surely be fascinated by the cheerfulness of Mexicans and their calm way of life! Mexico is an absolutely exciting destination to explore!