Discover the places you can visit in Asia for memorable holidays.

Asia is a vast continent with a unique atmosphere where you can have a great stay in beautiful countries. Do you wish to fly to these exotic countries? This guide is for you.

Visit Bali for a great getaway experience in Indonesia

Nobody returns from Bali without singing the praises of the island. This small corner of paradise is bathed by the Indian Ocean and the Bali Sea. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Asia. Holidaymakers who wish to enjoy a relaxing stay at the heart of sublime landscapes will find Bali to be the top destination in Asia. The entire coastline of Bali is full of paradisal beaches that offer an idyllic setting for swimming and snorkelling. You can visit the beautiful Balangan Beach in the Bukit Peninsula, explore the cliffs of Dreamland Beach or even the small crescent of golden sand on Gunung Payung Beach.

Go on adventure to one of these destinations and discover the stunning landscapes in Bali. Explore the Jatiluwih rice fields and the preserved flora and fauna of the dense jungle as well as temples like the one in Ubud. All your excursions will reward you with exciting experiences. If you wish go mountain hiking in Asia, visit the northern part of the island and explore the breathtaking slopes of the Agung volcano

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Visit Hokkaido and explore the splendour of Japan

Japan is a great destination in Asia, particularly Hokkaido, which is located in the northernmost part of the main island of the archipelago. It is really the cultural centre of the Land of the Rising Sun. During summer and winter, you can enjoy splendid views of great peaks like Mount Tomamu, Mount Sahoro or Mount Asahi. Mount Asahi is located in Daisetsuzan National Park. This volcanic mountain is located at an altitude of 2,291 metres and is the highest peak in Hokkaido.

If you plan to tour Asia in spring, you will enjoy the colourful spectacle in Biei village and its flower-covered plains at the foot of Mount Tokachi. Sapporo is a city you can visit for cultural immersion no matter the season. This city is a melting pot of tradition and modernity. Stroll by its sublime temples and cheerful streets and explore the calming serenity.

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Visit Malaysia and enjoy a varied experience of the natural environment

Are you wondering where to visit in Asia for a stay at the heart of pristine nature? Head for the east coast of Malaysia and explore the wonders of this multifaceted land. The coastline of Pahang and Terengganu are great for exploring the paradisal beaches and luxuriant jungle near small traditional villages. You will enjoy a getaway experience when you visit Tenggol Island. You will love the white sand beach and turquoise water. You can enjoy relaxing or go diving and snorkelling to explore the rich ecosystem of the South China Sea.

When you return to land, visit Taman Negara National Parks, one of the top destinations in the country. Further north, you can refresh yourself in the superb natural swimming pools formed by Chamang waterfalls, on the luxuriant shores of Lake Kenyir. You will surely enjoy breathtaking views of the vast jungle during your outings.

If you were wondering what to do in Asia for a memorable holiday, these destinations should meet all your expectations! Explore the paradisal beaches and big rice fields of Bali, traditional temples and mountain landscapes of Hokkaido Island in Japan, and the ancestral jungle of Malaysia. When you visit Asia, every moment is full of adventure!

The Malaysian forest is a world treasure.

The Malaysian jungle is distinct in many ways. It is remarkable for the diversity of its fauna and flora. The tropical forest of Taman Negara National Park is also recognized as one of the oldest in the world. It is estimated to be 130 million years old!