An overview of the locations where you can enjoy yoga during your holidays in Bali

The environment of this paradisal island is ideal for yoga, with rice fields, temples, bamboo forests and idyllic beaches interspersed with wild jungle, the scenery is essentially ideal for a wellness activity.

Why do yoga in Bali?

Just like the Hindu and Buddhist religions that predominate in Indonesia, the people in this region love to participate in this activity that involves both sport and meditation. There are numerous beautiful places with wild and captivating natural environment where you can practice Balinese yoga in Indonesia. An instructor will guide you during the yoga lesson, while you admire the breathtaking views.

Ubud is one of the top yoga destinations in Bali. Some minutes away from its centre, the city quickly becomes a rice field. At sunrise or in the late afternoon, stand before the river of greenery formed by the rice fields that stretches far into the distance, away from the bustle of the urban areas. During your meditation, observe the world around you. Far away, coconut trees spread out opposite the plantations: this enchanting scenery is great for enjoying yoga in Bali. Tegallalang Village is even quieter. The landscape here is more rugged with ferns, tall grass and rice fields nested on the edges of the gorges. You will be captivated by the serenity of this timeless destination.

Did you know?

Tegallalang is a top destination for adventurous tourists due to its immense swing that is suspended over the open area. Apart from a great yoga session, swinging is one of the most relaxing activities in Bali!

Apart from yoga, what else can you do in Bali?

If you would like try another sport during your stay in Bali, there are numerous invigorating alternatives. Surfing is one of the possible activities because the island has numerous paradisal beaches. Try this aquatic sport on one of the white sand beaches bordered by crystal-clear waters. Echo Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the region because of its powerful surging winds, just like those of Kuta Beach. You can also dive and explore the incredible seabed. Night falls in Bali around 7 pm. Stroll at the beach for a romantic and calming time. For outgoing people, numerous restaurants and bars remain open till dawn and offer entertainment, dancing and listening to traditional and more modern music.

If you wish, you can go to one of the numerous Bali dance shows. It is one of the relaxing activities in Bali. You will be captivated by the twisting movements of dancers dressed in traditional costume and hairstyle, with accompanying music from the gamelan, the traditional Balinese orchestra. It is composed mainly of percussion instruments - similar to gongs or metallophones, as well as flutes. The music is ideal for meditation!

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What are the benefits of yoga?

The advantage of Yoga is that it helps to develop your muscles. It works though your emotions and spirit through physical and breathing exercises, concentration, meditation and relaxation. During yoga sessions, you will achieve greater flexibility and rejuvenate your internal organs. Yoga helps to adopt better postures, to achieve better head-to-feet circulation of energy and even reduce stress and pain.

You can enjoy the relaxing effects of Balinese yoga while exploring the culture of the country. Goa Gajah is a famous temple in Indonesia that is located a short distance away from Ubud and its rice fields. This temple is located in the very middle of a cave at the edge

of the jungle. With the enchanting aroma of incense, you can explore one of the oldest historic monuments of Indonesia. With a bit of luck, you will hear some traditional songs with particularly calming effects. This is good for a time of absolute meditation.