Visit the beautiful mountains of the Alps in summer

In summer, the large spaces and clean air of the mountains make the Alps a top destination for a rejuvenating stay. Enjoy the extraordinary environment of the Alps with your family or friends and create memories while you relax.

Valmorel & Les Arcs

Visit Valmorel for a family getaway experience

Located at an altitude of 1,320 metres, Valmorel is a real paradise for families desiring to spend the summer holidays in the Alps, far away from the bustle of daily life. In Valmorel, adults and children will enjoy the best mountain holiday experience and you can go for a picnic, explore the natural environment, visit the toy park or go swimming. Groups of thrill seekers can ride the two-seater paraglider and enjoy unusual views of the magnificent Lauzière Massif. You can relax during a yoga lesson or when you go for a refreshing break at the spa.

Savour the splendid natural environment in Les Arcs

Les Arcs is located at the heart of the Vanoise Massif, on the heights of Haute-Tarentaise valley. Nature lovers can explore the beautiful, original and wonderfully preserved environment. Visit one of the 60 hiking destinations in Les Arcs and enjoy the beautiful views of the resort. You can visit Les Arcs as a family during your summer holidays in the Alps and show your children the beautiful mountain vegetation. You will also enjoy thrilling activities on the banks of River Isère.

Did you know?

Every summer, Les Arcs hosts the Festival Academy. Classical music hopefuls and virtuosos gather for two weeks of learning and sharing. More than 40 free concerts are held in an exceptionally beautiful natural environment.

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Go mountain climbing in Samoëns

Your holiday in Samoëns will be a rich blend of culture, gastronomy and history. You can enjoy engaging summer activities in the Alps. Go mountain climbing in the heart of Giffre Valley. Mount Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, is located here and you will surely enjoy a memorable adventure to the mountain top. Samoëns is also renowned for its caves and chasms and the region is therefore a top destination for speleology. You will certainly have a breathtaking experience at the Jean Bernard chasm, which is also located here.

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Val d'Isère
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Val d'Isère



France is not the only country where you can enjoy the Alps in summer! You cannot afford to miss Cervinia Resort, a top destination in Italy. The sweet ambience of dolce vita prevails in the Pearl of Val d’Aoste and it is one of the rare destinations where skiing enthusiasts can go skiing during summer. You can go skiing on the Rosà Plateau Glacier, located at an altitude of 3,480 metres, under the imposing shadow of Mount Cervin. On returning to the village, wear your bathing suit and go to the Blue Lake where you can contemplate the reflection of Mount Cervin in the blue waters.

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