If you’re looking for the best ski resorts for kids and families, Club Med has just what you need. From family-friendly activities, ski lessons, and locations across Europe, Asia, and North America – the luxury ski resorts have it all! So start packing your ski gear, and get ready to take your kids to a family winter wonderland.

What Do the Best Ski Resorts for Kids and Families Have?

Before we get into the top-rated ski resorts for kids and families, it’s first important to know what you’re looking for. The resort you settle on should meet your requirements and exceed your expectations, which can be difficult.

The first thing to know is that the best ski lodging for families is usually a ski-in, ski-out resort, a free-standing condo, or an equipped rental. With ski-in and ski-out resorts, families can easily access the slopes and their accommodations. Even though they’re more luxurious options compared to regular hotel rooms if you’re travelling with kids, especially younger ones, accessibility and proximity can make a world of difference.

The resort you’re planning to stay in should also be snow-sure, especially if you’re going later in the season. Look up snow resorts and try to find those with a snow-sure star rating and remember that it’s not all about altitude.

Another feature the best ski resorts for families and beginners have is a ski school that accepts children of all ages and ski levels. Having professionals teach your kids to ski safely and engagingly can save you a lot of stress and grief.

Finally, all of the best ski resorts for kids need to have professional childcare services on the premises. Bringing children of any age or skill level to a ski resort becomes infinitely easier and more enjoyable when parents know they have professional care to rely on. Whether it’s planned activities, age-appropriate schools, or the proper facilities, make sure the resort you choose not only accepts but celebrates your family and children.

Top Tips for a Family-Friendly Ski Trip

Before you head off on your ski trip, there are a few things you can do to make your trip with your children more enjoyable. Here are our top tips for travelling with your family.

Choosing the Right Destination

The first, and most important consideration is the destination. Depending on where you’re starting from and your chosen destination, you potentially have a long trip ahead of you. When planning your holiday destination, here’s what to consider.

Terrain Type
If you have beginners in your family, look at the overall percentage of the beginner terrain at your chosen destination. Even if they’re quick learners, your family members are sure to appreciate a more beginner-friendly ski area before moving onto some more dynamic terrains.

Weather and Climate
Even though you probably want to make sure there’s snow on your family holiday, you should always look for favourable weather (as much as possible). Before you make your final decision, check weather conditions and snowfall at that time of year and the forecast for the time of your holiday.

Setting a Budget

No matter if you’re looking at affordable ski resorts for families or the best luxury ski ones – setting a budget can go a long way in planning your holiday. By planning and reserving ahead, you can manage your trip expenses and avoid any unpleasant surprises down the line.

When trying to set a budget, there are a few things to take into consideration. That includes accommodations, lift passes, equipment rentals, meals and dining, extras, activities, and entertainment expenses.

For your accommodations, try to look for season deals, family-friendly packages, or places that give discounts for kids. When it comes to your ski gear, you can either bring your own (if you have it) or rent it at the resort. If you’re renting your equipment, inquire about the prices beforehand to know what you’re in for.

Also, when booking your accommodations, consider having full-board meals or an all-inclusive holiday. Even though the upfront costs are higher, having snacks and meals on hand for your kids and family can take away a lot of stress during the trip.

Packing Ski Trip Essentials

Thermal layers, ski boots, toiletries, luggage, and more – packing up your entire family for a ski holiday is no easy feat. But with the ultimate ski checklist, figuring out what to pack for a ski holiday has never been easier. Follow the carefully planned guide, and you should be well on your way.

Planning Ski Lessons

Ski lessons are a key part of a successful family mountain adventure, especially if you have children and beginners with you. When looking for the best ski resorts for kids, make sure you choose ones that have ski schools or lessons. They should also have a demonstrated history of working with beginners and kids. What’s more, consider whether your children might benefit from private lessons and learning in smaller groups.

Staying Safe on the Slopes

To ensure your family has a fun and safe time on a mountaintop, there are some precautions you can take before hitting the slopes. First, familiarize everyone in the group with the rules of the ski resort.

Also, if you can, pick up a trail map beforehand and go through the signage, explaining the meaning of green, blue, and black runs. Another safety precaution is having a meeting place, which can be a lifesaver if someone gets separated from the group.

Whether you’re skiing alone, with family, or with friends, you should always know how to get in touch with ski patrol. If you know how to talk through avalanche and mountain safety, ensure that everyone in the group understands the boundaries of the ski area, as well as the risks beyond them. If you don’t know the proper procedures, ask a safety officer or instructor at the resort.

Finally, make sure to equip everyone with an easily accessible whistle and that people in the group are always wearing proper-fitting helmets.

Best Ski Resorts for Kids & Families

If you’re looking for the best ski resorts for kids, Club Med has everything you might need and more. From locations across seven countries and three continents to professional childcare, ski passes, and more, here’s how Club Med welcomes and celebrates your family.

For Your Youngest (4–23 Months)

If you’re planning a ski holiday with the youngest members of your family, know that they will stay for free at Club Med resorts around the world. All kids under four years of age get to enjoy the all-inclusive resorts at no charge to their parents.

What’s more, certain luxury resorts offer professional childcare services for kids from 4–23 months at extra cost. With Baby Club Med, kids will be showered with attention by their G.O.s and cared for in two groups. They can also take part in a range of activities that develop their skills, and enjoy educational games, as well as a few naps.

Club Med resorts where childcare for the 4–23 month age group is offered include:

  • Les Arcs Panorama in France
  • Quebec Charlevoix in Canada
  • Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon in France
  • Valmorel in France
  • Alpe d’Huez in France
  • La Rosière in France

Quebec Charlevoix in Canada
Club Med Quebec Charlevoix is the first Club Med resort in North America, designed in the contemporary traditional Canadian style. It offers a wide array of activities year-round and welcomes skiers of all ages and skill levels.

La Rosière in France
As one of the best ski resorts for families in Europe, La Rosière is perched 1,950 metres above sea level, overlooking the entire Tarentaise Valley.

Les Arcs Panorama in France
With on-demand and included childcare services for children of all ages, lift passes, group lessons, and full-board gourmet cuisine, it’s no wonder Les Arcs Panorama is one of the best ski resorts for kids in all of France.

Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon in France
Located only an hour from Geneva, the Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon is an all-inclusive resort, nestled on the Saix plateau.

Serre-Chevalier in France
The Serre-Chevalier in France is located in the valley of Briançon and it is in the highest town in Europe. There, families can explore an abundance of activities both on and off the snow.

For Your Toddlers (2–3 Years Old)

If you’re bringing your toddlers on a wonderful family adventure, know that they’ll be able to enjoy a world of discovery with Petit Club Med. Grouped by age, your 2 and 3-year-olds can enjoy activities tailored to their stage of development.

At extra cost, at Petit Club, your toddlers can enjoy gymnastics, walks, colouring, and other activities to help them grow and learn at their own pace. What’s more, from 3 years upwards, kids can also try on some skis and take part in skiing lessons taught by professional instructors.

Club Med resorts where childcare for the 2–3 age group is offered include:

  • Sahoro Hokkaido in Japan
  • Les Arcs Panorama in France
  • Valmorel in France
  • Tignes in France
  • Alpe d’Huez in France
  • La Rosière in France
  • Tomamu Hokkaido in Japan
  • Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon in France
  • Quebec Charlevoix in Canada

Tomamu Hokkaido in Japan
Sprawled across over 145 hectares of Tomamu Mountain, Tomamu Hokkaido boasts a variety of activities, excursions, and spaces, perfectly tailored to a family.

Sahoro Hokkaido in Japan
As one of the best ski resorts for kids skiing in Japan, Sahoro Hokkaido features activities like horseback riding, onsen, group skiing, and more. Families can also enjoy culinary delights like Nabe while being immersed in authentic Japanese culture and heritage.

Pragelato Sestriere in Italy
Nestled in the Piedmont region, Pragelato Sestriere is one of the best luxury ski resorts for families in Italy. Families can take in the unspoilt scenery while staying in a hamlet of wooden chalets.

Tignes in France
Surrounded by four different types of slopes, and 40 km of trails for Nordic and cross-country skiing, Tignes in France is a GreenGlobe certified area. It also features two snow parks, two glaciers, and two toboggan runs with free access.

For Your Kids (4–10 Years Old)

All Club Med ski resorts across Europe offer a discount of up to 20% off for kids 4–11 years old and an incredible 40% off in Asia and Canada resorts. Not only that but the Mini Club, which is available at all resorts, gives children an exciting and dynamic space to explore and express themselves.

Kids can enjoy a world of sports and learn new skills by playing games, skiing, and much more. What’s more, once their G.O.s have them equipped, your kids will be able to take on the snow and slopes. Taught in ability groups, skiing is available from 4 years and up, while snowboarding is taught from 8 years and up.

The Mini Club is offered at all the same resorts where Petit Club Med is available, as well as:

  • Pragelato Sestriere in Italy
  • Peisey-Vallandry in France
  • Saint-Moritz Roi Soleil in Switzerland
  • Val d’Isère
  • Beidahu in China
  • Yabuli in China
  • Changbaishan in China

Alpe d’Huez in France
The sun-kissed resort that immerses you in the majestic Alps, Alpe d’Huez offers three types of rooms, two restaurants, and a wide variety of activities. It’s one of the best ski resorts for kids ages 4–10 but also includes childcare from 0 months to 17 years.

Peisey-Vallandry in France
Set in the heart of the snow-capped peaks of Paradiski on the Vanoise Massif, Peisey-Vallandry welcomes all in a cozy mountain lodge with a family-friendly feel. With lift passes and all-inclusive service for the whole family, Peisey-Vallandry should be high on your list of resorts to visit this winter.

Saint-Moritz Roi Soleil in Switzerland
If you’re looking for the best ski resorts for kids in Switzerland, nothing truly beats the Saint-Moritz Roi Soleil. With over 350 km of slopes available to skiers, families can enjoy incredible scenery and 320 days of sunshine every year.

Val d’Isère in France
Are you looking to experience the legend of a unique alpine village while staying in stone and wooden chalets? Book your stay at Val d’Isère, France and you’ll get the chance to discover the Club Med Exclusive Collection Resort in the mountains.

Valmorel in France
Standing at an altitude of 1,460 metres, the Valmorel Resort welcomes families and friends with its Club Med Exclusive Collection Luxury Space. Skiers can explore 150 km of snowshoeing routes in the protected Aigueblanche valley.

Yabuli in China
Strategically located within one of the biggest ski domains in China, Club Med Yabuli is a must-see destination for all families. With an abundance of activities on and off the slopes, all family members will find something they love.

Changbaishan in China
If you want to explore the mesmerizing Changbaishan Biosphere Nature Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, book your stay at Club Med Changbaishan. Once you’re back from your fun day on the slopes, you can dive into the cozy mountain ambience with your family and create unforgettable memories.

For Your Tweens and Teens (11–17 Years Old)

At Club Med Passworld, available at all Club Med ski resorts, teens and tweens have access to countless exciting options. Tailored-made for their age groups and abilities, and with the help of professional instructors, your children can experience all of the joys and benefits of skiing. Also, in Asian and Canadian ski resorts, teens can enjoy up to 20% off the adult price.

Club Med resorts where activities for the 11–17 age group are offered include:

  • Tomamu Hokkaido in Japan
  • Sahoro Hokkaido in Japan
  • Kiroro Grand in Japan
  • Quebec Charlevoix in Canada
  • Beidahu in China
  • Yabuli in China

Kiroro Grand in Japan
As one of the best ski resorts for kids and teens, Kiroro Grand in Japan welcomes families of all ages and sizes. With childcare facilities and activities designed for kids of all ages, Kiroro Grand allows guests to connect with local culture and nature.

Beidahu in China
Club Med Beidahu offers an unforgettable skiing holiday in an idyllic setting in the Jilin Province. Renowned for its great snow cover and longer winter sports season, Beidahu is where you’ll feel the perfect harmony between man and nature.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best ski resorts for kids and ones that welcome and celebrate families – Club Med has everything you need and more. From Italy, Switzerland, and France, to Canada, Japan, and China, all you have to do is pick your favourite destination and Club Med will take care of the rest.

With state-of-the-art childcare facilities, professional G.O.s, and trained childcare professionals, leave all the planning to Club Med while you focus on making memorable moments. Find out more about the curated Club Med ski holidays across the globe.

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