Let’s be honest: a mountain holiday isn’t only about skiing - it’s also about the après-ski. From sipping a hot chocolate right off the slopes to a soak in the heated pool, here’s a selection of activities you can do that don’t involve the ski or snow boots, and they will have you totally refuelled!

Discover more snow activities

Other than skiing and snowboarding, Club Med offers various unforgettable activities in the snow. From sledding or snowshoe walking on the french slopes, to horseback riding through the snow-sprinkled trees in Japan. These unique adventures will offer you unforgettable memories and fill your days with fun for the whole family.

Treat yourself all day, every day

From cheesy tartiflette with fine wine in the Europe Alps to fresh sushi and sake in Japan; there is plenty of food to keep you satisfied during your snow holiday.

Choose from an array of food experiences in our main restaurants and specialty restaurants. Our main restaurants feature a wide variety of both local and international cuisine, while our specialty restaurants delve into the flavours of your surrounding destination, whether that be cheesy fondue or Japanese barbecue.

Revive and relax

After a cold day outside, there is no better feeling than taking care of yourself. Soak in a hot tub with a stunning view of the mountains, relax in the sauna or get a well-deserved massage.

Many of our ski resorts also have amazing indoor and outdoor pools, perfect for families to wind down together in a warm environment while still being surrounded by snow.

If you fancy yourself the active type, fitness lessons, yoga lessons and a cardio-training room are also available in-resort.

Explore the surrounding traditional villages

You will be amazed by the charm of the local villages, especially in France and Italy. Discover more about their culture, history, architecture and enjoy the cosy and warm spirit of these authentic regions such as French Savoy, Vialattea and more…

A well deserved break

Unwind from a day on the slopes with a hot beverage in our resort bar, a perfect place to relax, unwind, and discuss your adventures so far.

Let your hair down

If you still have energy after the sun sets behind the mountains, join the relaxed and friendly evening atmosphere. With entertainment including live music, performances and themed parties - you can dance the night away!

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