Are you an adrenaline junkie at heart? Or do you prefer to take things slow and easy? Whatever your preference, at Club Med Quebec Charlevoix, we’ve got activities fit for everyone. Here’s our top 5 things to do in Quebec Charlevoix for the thrill or chill seekers to make the most of your stay at Club Med.

Things to do in Quebec Charlevoix

For the thrill-seekers:

If you’re all about extreme excitement and heart-pumping emotions, we’ve got you covered. Situated in the terrains of the Canadian Rockies, a vast snowy playground awaits you during your stay. Consider the activities below that’ll guarantee satisfaction of your cravings for a winter adventure:

For the chill-seekers:

The snowy mountains are no longer just about high-adrenaline, outdoor activities. At Club Med Quebec Charlevoix, there’s a bunch of things to do when discovering the east coast mountains of Canada in a new light. For an easy day out, take a look at these leisurely options:

Hurtle down the longest sledge run in North America¹
This is how you can reconnect with your inner child. Club Med Quebec Charlevoix offers a ski run dedicated entirely to sledging. With the slope clocking in at a massive 7.5km, you’ll want to brace yourself for this long and breezy ride. Once you reach the top of the sled run, there’s nowhere to go but down. So, take in the stunning views of the St. Lawrence River and hold on tight until the end. Who’s going to get to the bottom first?

Unwind in a traditional Nordic Spa¹
Connect to the energy of the great outdoors in the Nordic spa. Here, hot and cold alternate to better soothe and rest the body. The open-air hot tubs, overlooking the St. Lawrence River offers a new and surprising sensory experience. From saunas, treatments and massages you won't want to miss this opportunity to reset your mind and body. Find out more about Nordic Spas here.

Twist and twirl in the circus school
Want to try out new sports and creative experiences? Have a go at the fixed trapeze to attempt aerial positions you never thought you could. Or maybe the trampoline, where you can learn how to jump and twirl in the air. Under the guidance of our experts, the GCs (Graciouss Circassians), you’ll be able to put together a few figures with grace and elegance.

Immerse yourself in the Quebec culture with its joie de vivre¹
Quebecers are known for being warm and welcoming, it’s not just a myth! Only an hour and 15-minute drive away, a visit to Quebec is definitely worth the trip. As you walk through the cobbled streets of the historic centre to the bank of the St Lawrence River, you’ll instantly feel like a true Quebecer. Head off to explore the cradle of French culture in North America and its 400 years of history.

Go dog sleighing with our furry friends¹
With wolf-like good looks and bull-like strength, our sled dogs will take you on a wild ride across the snowy mountains. Sit back, relax, and listen to the sound of the sleigh sliding on the snow. While this adventure is packed with lots of adrenaline and fun, you’ll want to bring some warm layers to keep you extra cosy.

Indulge in the gastronomic delights of Quebec
Treat yourself to culinary delicacies from the Charlevoix region. Indulge in local cheese and cold cuts, microbrewery beers, ciders and of course, maple products. Make yourself comfortable in the Chalet, our gourmet lounge with a panoramic view. Here, you can take on a gourmet journey into all the local flavours that Quebec has to offer.

Hit the ice rink
Nothing beats gliding around in the clean, crisp mountain air of the Charlevoix region. Opened to GMs from 4 years old, even the little ones can seek for thrill in the ice rink. Strap on your skates and practice pirouettes and figures of every kind. But if you’re a beginner, feel free to take it slow. Grab the edge of the rink and slowly, you’ll make progress in no time. Take care not to fall over!

Satisfy your sweet tooth at the sugar shack
A traditional activity across Quebec, the sugar shack is where locals make maple syrup in a small cabin located in the maple forest. The sugar maple of the Quebec region is widely believed to produce the best maple syrup in Canada. So, this is your chance to learn the craftmanship and taste of Canada’s liquid gold.

Take on the snow-covered forests on a Nordic walk
If you prefer to experience the mountain other than on skis, you can discover untouched natural spaces through Nordic walking. As an unparalleled cardiovascular and muscular training method of trekking, you’ll definitely get the heart pumping. Brace yourselves as our mountain guides will take you to areas away from the ski slopes and into the majestic silence of the mountains.

Watch out for whales on the Gulf of St. Lawrence¹
For all the animal lovers, whale watching is an unforgettable experience. From humpbacks to killer whales, you’ll want to get a closer look of these gentle giants roaming the St. Lawrence River. For the best time to see whales, come in the fall (September – October) where whales are more abundant and active. And don’t forget to bring your warm weather attire and sharp eyes to catch them breach the calm seas.

Once you’ve made a hit list of your dream things to do in Quebec Charlevoix, learn more about our Club Med resort here.

¹Additional activity at an extra fee - everything else is included!

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