We all know our personalities determine what type of things we like, especially when we’re on a romantic holiday with our loved ones and want to connect with each other. Love languages are a way of understanding how we give and receive love in different ways, which helps us figure out what we can do to make our partner feel loved in the ways they feel loved.

So, let us help you find out your travel love language and the best activities to do on your next romantic holiday together.

It’s more meaningful to me when…

Choose one

My partner showers me with kind words, encouragement, or praise, click here.

I get to spend time in a shared activity or hobby with my partner, click here.

My partner goes out of their way to do something nice for me, click here.

I feel adored and validated through physical affection - hugs, hand holding and cuddling, click here.

I receive an unexpected and meaningful gift from my partner, click here.

Words of affirmation: Try something new with the encouragement of your loved one

You love hearing from the people you love frequently and hate when people don’t say what they’re thinking. If the words “I’m proud of you” makes you glow from the inside out, then a holiday is the perfect setting to try something new with plenty of reassurances from your loved one. It’s time to push your comfort zone with something unique such as horse-riding or trapeze. Sometimes a little encouragement from your loved one can be all that you need to conquer those fears!

Best place to go: Club Med Punta Cana
What to do: Horseback riding

Quality time: Romantic dinners with a side of undivided attention

Are you always down to spend time with your partner? And do you crave their undivided attention? Far from the daily route, you can focus on the main reason you’re on holidays– to spend quality time with each other (because we all know how busy life can get). An intimate romantic dinner on the beach in the Seychelles is the perfect chance for you to bask in each other's presence, just the two of you. Uninterrupted time with my partner? Sign me up!

Best place to go: Club Med Seychelles

What to do: Sunset beach dinner

Acts of service: Learn to whip up a culinary masterpiece that you can make at home

You believe that actions speak louder than words and love when your partner goes out of their way to make your life easier. If you appreciate acts of service, then learn how to treat your loved one to a feast. Food is the way to the heart, so what better way to show your appreciation for each other than to cook for each other. Have an intimate dining experience with one of our head chefs at the resort and get all the tips and tricks on how to make an exquisite meal. At Sahoro learn how to recreate authentic Hokkaido flavours. You’ll be smitten knowing that someone is taking care of you. And after this holiday, your loved one (and their appetite) will not be a problem ever again.

Where to go: Club Med Sahoro

What to do: Live cooking demonstrations

Physical touch: Make the most of a couples massage

You thrive on any type of physical touch and will use any opportunity to have your hands on your partner, whether it be a pat on the back or a hug. A couples massage would be perfect for those of you that speak this love language. By learning the art of a Balinese massage, you can help your partner release any pent-up tension and stress while feeling connected. You’ll be the happiest giving and receiving this physical sign of love.

Best place to go: Club Med Bali

What to do: Balinese massage class

Receiving gifts: Make it special for a special occasion

Do you love being surprised by a gift? Or just something small that you had mentioned offhandedly? It doesn’t take a one-off event for you to love receiving a gift. If it’s meaningful, it’s a win in your books. So, what could be more thoughtful than the gift of travel to a destination that has been gaining dust on your travel bucket list? A holiday to a destination you have been dreaming of is the perfect gift that shows that your partner was really thinking of you. Elevate the gift with a breakfast in bed or an Instagram-famous floating breakfasts to get your hearts racing.

Where to go: Club Med Finolhu

What to do: Floating breakfast

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