There are many skiers who want winter to last all year. Our urge to get on the slopes can be frustrated by warm sun and we walk around in late autumn with a smile on our face while others bemoan the colder weather. That’s a good reason for moving to Canada where the winter ski season lasts longer than most other places and the wait is less arduous. But when is the best time to book for this popular destination?

Winter for longer

When does the ski season start in Canada? The standard answer is that it starts in November and ends around April, giving you a good five months to enjoy the amazing resorts that the country has to offer. But that’s not the whole story and you may be able to squeeze a few more runs later in the year if you head for the right place. It all depends on what you’re looking for in your ski holiday.

Considering the snow

For many, good skiing is all about the powder. You’ll find that the snow in Canada is often in pristine condition as a result of both nature and the careful grooming by staff at resorts. However, one drawback about the country is that the snow tends to deteriorate earlier at lower altitude than in other parts of the world.

That means these lower resorts may be the best places to visit if you go skiing in Canada in February or March. You may well want to consider this period to visit Club Med’s new resort in Québec, based in the Charlevoix region where mountains such as Le Massif tend to offer their fun nearer the ground but still provide wonderful skiing. Find out more about the snowiest resorts in Canada with this useful site.

Beyond the sport

Of course, snow might not be your biggest concern. Instead, you might want to choose a time to go skiing when the snow is still great but the slightly warmer weather makes it more pleasant to explore cultural activities in the local area. Once again, Club Med’s Québec resort can offer the best of both worlds. Divide your time between the slopes and the city to enjoy the authentic French-Canadian culture in the old town. If you’ve got little ones they’ll love the adventures and you'll be less likely to feel guilty about sneaking away to enjoy your passion.

The later months

What if you have to wait until Easter break or even later before your window for a ski holiday in Canada becomes available? The good news is that parts of the country have an extended season. Probably the most popular choice is to head for the Sunshine Village in Banff where the skiing can be as good in May as it is in December. The Canadian Rockies in general are probably your best destination and, as well as Banff, the glorious Lake Louise and Mt. Norquay form part of what is known as ‘The Big 3’. They’re perfect for a ski while others at home are sunbathing in the garden.

All year round

Whenever you choose to go skiing in Canada you will find the experience to be highly enjoyable. There are few places in the world that can match the country for its slopes, amazing views and the friendly charm of its many resorts. Maybe you should find out the ideal month for yourself by booking more than one holiday this year?

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