The best resorts for a perfect relaxing retreat in the mountains

Mountain stays are not always about resting. You can also do open air activities like hiking. The air on the mountain is rejuvenating and you can enjoy a spa session or another relaxing activity.

Enjoy a relaxing event in Les Arcs

The Les Arcs 1600 resort is a well-appointed place for the family. People come to Les Arcs for various activities. You can go hiking on Charmettes loop as a family, enjoy a walk in the forest and savour breathtaking views on Mount Blanc. You can also go on an adventure of rope bridge trips and raft down the valley on the hydrospeeds of Isère. There are activities for both children and parents! You can go for a wellness session with your family after a busy day. You will enjoy warmed swimming pools, spa, hammam, whirlpools and much more in the heart of the forest, with extraordinary views of the Tarentaise valley at your feet. This is a perfect experience for a memorable week-end spa on the mountain!

Did you know?

Les Arcs 1600 is a well-thought-out, modern and functional resort which integrates perfectly into the natural environment of the Vanoise massif. Go on a journey back in time and explore a project designed by a group of renowned designers (Gaston Regairaz, Guy Rey-Millet or Pierre Faucheux, to mention but a few) which has since become a model for architectural design that integrates into nature with perfect harmony.

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Enjoy a rejuvenating getaway experience in Valmorel

When you visit Valmorel, you are guaranteed to enjoy a wonderful and relaxing getaway experience. At an altitude of nearly 1,500 metres, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of one of the most beautiful resorts in Savoie. There are several activities and you will certainly enjoy your stay on the mountain. Ride the Pierrafort cable car and hike through Riondet and Mottet passes until you reach the peak of Cheval Noir. Would you not like to explore the relaxing benefits of Nordic walking in a splendid natural environment? Adventurers would love the technicality of the rock climbing course and via ferrata of Bois Dornier’s rock.

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Romantic Thalasso on the Mountain in La Plagne

Visit La Plagne for an unforgettable stay as a couple. Explore breathtaking views of the magnificent landscapes of Vanoise Park and ride an electric mountain bike. You and your better half can then enjoy a refreshing picnic on the shore of the resort’s lake at an altitude of 2,144 metres! Surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Savoie, enjoy the end of the day on a sun-bathed terrace and go for a Thalasso break. You can enjoy massage and body care in care cabins for two while you take a bubble bath or during an intimate couple time! Make sure you visit the fitness salon and hammam parlour for a relaxing experience.

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Val d’Isère is a relaxing destination for sportsmen

Val d’Isère resort in Savoie is one of the most famous resorts in the world! Sportsmen are attracted to its slopes, but you can also enjoy a relaxing stay on the mountain. You can enjoy a wellness break in a great ambiance that has been specially designed to help you get rejuvenated after a busy day on the tracks. Body care and massages reinvigorate you and give you a stimulating and relaxing break.

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Enjoy a calm and peaceful mountain stay in Tignes

Sportsmen and families love Tignes Resort because of its majestic tracks and numerous activities. You can explore the beautiful meditative aspect of the resort when you stroll or take a walk along the Sassière to reach the lake. Thanks to the exceptional equipment provided, you can enjoy a Thalasso break on the mountain as a couple or with friends. You will also enjoy Massage, spa and hammam while you admire the breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Enjoy wellness care in an idyllic setting and get rejuvenated in open air! Go on a spa break on the mountain or take a walk through natural landscapes. No matter the duration of your holiday, you will see that this is the ideal destination where you can rediscover yourself.

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