Our advice for choosing a ski resort in Europe, the opportunity to visit another country and explore foreign cultures.

Skiing enthusiasts can enjoy a great choice of destinations in Europe. With the most reputable and discreet areas, Europe offers varied destinations spread over several countries including France, Italy and Switzerland.

Skiing in Europe: Go skiing in France

France is an extraordinary country for skiing enthusiasts. It has numerous reputable skiing areas that attract the French people and fans of sliding sports from all over the world. Skiers love the Southern Alps, especially the famous Mount Blanc which has a peak of 4,810 metres. The 3 Valleys area offers the biggest skiing area in all of Europe. There, one can go on alpine skiing and cross-country skiing as well as toboggan runs and surfing. The Pyrenees are also considered as one of the best skiing destinations in the country. Apart from the magnificent snow-covered landscapes, modern ski resorts are found there. There are other popular mountains such as the Vosges - the ideal place to do Nordic skiing, the Massif Central and its volcanic peak or the Jura which has an outstanding number of ski resorts spread over more than 3 departments on the border with Switzerland.

Did you know?

Of course, you can enjoy these French skiing areas in winter, but if you wish to ski during summer, it is quite possible. In France, 4 skiable areas are available in summer: Val d'Isère, Tignes, 2 Alps and Alpe d'Huez.

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Go skiing in Europe: slide down the tracks in Switzerland

Switzerland is a key destination for winter sports lovers. This magnificent country has several skiable areas that are famous for their enchanting beauty. In fact, Switzerland has high-quality skiing infrastructure and breathtaking views at the heart of a preserved natural environment and idyllic living conditions. Waterfalls, lakes, forests and mountains blend to give varied landscapes that make this country a top skiing destination.

In Switzerland, there are numerous tracks where you can enjoy alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, toboggan runs and a lot of other activities. You can also savour warm dishes at the ski resorts and drink warm wine while you enjoy panoramic views or eat delicious raclette cheese around a log fire. With friends, as a couple or as a family, Switzerland is a perfect skiing destination for your holiday.

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The Italian Alps are a key destination for a skiing stay

The Alps mark the border between France and Italy. Just like the French Alps, the Italian Alps have a lot of attractions for skiing enthusiasts. The ski resorts of the Italian Alps are located in Northern Italy and they are really captivating to the senses. While you slide down the sun-

drenched tracks of the Aoste valley, you can admire the splendid Italian natural environment with its snow-covered peaks, forests and big lakes.

The skiable areas of the Italian Alps have a unique charm. One example is majestic Mount Cervin, which has a peak of 4,478 metres. When night falls, the light from the chalets adds charm to the white sleepy landscape. Beyond all these, a skiing stay in Italy is an opportunity to taste local savoury dishes and drink delicious hot chocolate beside the fire.

It is very easy to go skiing in Europe. There are numerous destinations in France, Switzerland, Italy and a lot of other countries. You will be dazzled by the wonderful landscapes while you slide down snow-covered tracks with your loved ones. You will surely enjoy a memorable stay that is full of thrills.