An escape to wonderful destinations with the people you love most is the perfect way to celebrate milestone birthdays. To make the most of a birthday getaway, the key is to maximise the memories and minimise the hassles of planning. But how? From Club Med’s very own event planners, here are the essential tips for planning a birthday getaway.

8 essential tips to plan a birthday getaway:

Tip 1: First things first - decide on dates, the destination and guest numbers

These details are key in building the foundation required to plan your ideal birthday getaway. You’ll always look back on these to make future decisions. From room arrangements to activities, these details will help you determine how exactly you want to celebrate your special occasion.

Tip 2: Choose a resort that’s fit for your group

Celebrating with a group of your close friends? Consider adults-only resorts, like Club Med Turkoise and Columbus Isle for a high-energy, grown-up getaway. Or if you’re looking to reconnect in a luxurious setting with a little more peace and quiet, look for resorts with private amenities like Club Med Finolhu Villas. On the flip side, big families celebrating with their little ones will want to pick resorts with plenty of kids' entertainment at their fingertips. At Club Med, our Bali, Bintan and Phuket resorts are a favourite for young families.

Tip 3: Budget with your must-haves in mind

A birthday getaway is a big deal and is something that not everyone has the luxury of hosting every year. So when budget planning, work out your must-haves and align them to the activities and amenities you don't want to sacrifice. Fortunately, when you book with Club Med your birthday getaway is offered at one price in an all-inclusive package. This way, budgeting becomes a whole lot easier. Everything is paid upfront with no extra costs to worry about.

Tip 4: For the best group activities, go on excursions*

What better way to make new memories with your loved ones than to explore new environments and cultures? Excursions are the perfect way to bring big groups together. Whether it’s taking a stroll through Phuket Town at Club Med Phuket or adventuring on a raft on the River Ayung at Club Med Bali, the choice for fun is up to you. Once your group has collectively decided on an excursion or two, you can pre-book them for hassle-free planning and even get 10% off for group bookings. Contact our event planners and that’s itinerary planning made easy.

But for those looking for easy access to fun, our resorts are home to so many activities you can do as a group. From the flying trapeze, tennis to water sports, we've got it all covered.

Tip 5: Make your birthday getaway extra special

Milestone birthdays are where unforgettable memories are made. Maybe you want to indulge in a private dinner or cocktail party with friends and family? Or even bring in a DJ to bring the group together? Let your imagination run wild. It’s your chance to make sure you have a celebration of a lifetime, so make it worth it.

Tip 6: Don't try to plan it all on your own!

Most of us underestimate the amount of work that goes into organising a birthday getaway. When you feel overwhelmed, don’t panic and always ask for help when you need it. It’s why our event planners exist. As your single point of contact for all things planning, they are there to help turn your dream birthday getaway into a reality. From all the details, room arrangements to airport transfers, it’ll all be taken care of, so you can save time to focus on the more important things.

Tip 7: Capture the birthday getaway with plenty of photos

Savour the memories that you make with your loved ones with lots and lots of pictures. They’re super important to look back on in the years ahead. Make sure you pack the cameras and have them with you at all times, because you never know what you’re going to capture on a birthday getaway. Don’t have a dedicated photographer in the group? **Arrange for a photographer to capture memories in your special events, so that all you have to do is focus on making them.

Tip 8: Dine in style as a group

A shared meal binds people together, and special occasions like a birthday getaway are the perfect time to indulge in good food and conversation with the people you love most. Take the stress out of organising group dinners and have our event planner pre-book and arrange your tables. There’ll be no more waiting in line for big group dinners or worrying about the trivial things, just more time to focus on the conversations and experiences you’ll have with your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Start building out your guest list and bring on the birthday wishes for your next getaway at Club Med.

*Additional activity at an extra fee - everything else is included!
**Photos aren’t included