Thought skiing was an activity just for the winter? Think again! During this off-peak ski season where weathers are milder and fewer guests are around, skiing in April is easier on the wallet and better for your leisure time. Where temperatures are warmer and days are longer, you’re guaranteed more time on the slopes. To maximise a spring skiing holiday, it’s key to choose the snow resort with the most ideal conditions. If skiing in April sounds like the perfect holiday escape, here are the Club Med locations with the best conditions. 

Prime conditions for skiing in April 

High altitudes

The higher above sea level you are in the Alps, the colder the temperatures and the more snow there is. It’s as simple as that. Book your April ski trip at resorts that sit at 2000m or above sea level. At this altitude, you should be good to go. 

Northerly latitude

Northerly latitude...what’s that you say? Put simply, it's the side of the mountain that faces the least amount of sun. And with less chances of sunlight melting away the snow, means more white powder to ski on. 

Lots and lots of snow

Snow, snow and more snow! This is a clear must-have when it comes to skiing. For the best chances of snow for April skiing, visit the resorts with the highest altitudes and north-facing slopes.

Top Club Med locations for skiing in April 

Val Thorens

Situated in the world's largest ski domain at 2300m of altitude, Club Med’s all-inclusive Val Thorens Resort is the highest ski resort in the European Alps. That’s snow conditions and high altitudes all sorted for skiing in April. With plenty of snow cover on your ski runs and less guests around, you’ll find yourself glued to the slopes trying to perfect your skills. Once your muscles tire out, freshen up and treat yourself to a cosy night in by the log fire at The Epicurious Gourmet Lounge. Here, you can sit back, grab a glass of wine and relax before the new day starts again tomorrow.

Val d'Isere

Club Med’s Val d’Isere resort is located in a small village, a peaceful haven for the skiers that come here to leave their mark on the slopes and find comfort in gourmet Savoyard specialities. For ideal snow thickness for skiing in April, make your way to the highest point of the Val d’Isere ski area where the Pissaillas and La Grande Motte glaciers await. This renowned ski station of rich sporting history, while a favourite among many skiiers (and even Olympians!) also has apres-ski activities you don't want to miss after a day in the mountain air. For all things cheese fondue, bread and pierrade, indulge at The Chalet du Charvet for its ambience and must-try Savoyard dishes. 


Perched high in the Vanoise mountain range, Club Med Peissey-Vallandry embodies the authentic spirit of the French Alps. Located on the second biggest ski area in the world, the Paradiski, there’s over 400km of ski slopes for you to conquer. With a constant blanket of snow even in the month of April, there’s no doubt you’ll be left with aches and pains after a day on the slopes. And what better way to rest the body than with a session in the heated pool? Enjoy the soothing sensation of the warm waters with a scenic mountain view. By dawn the next day, you’ll be ready to conquer the slopes all over again. 

Alpe d’Huez 

Sun, snow and spectacular views, Club Med Alpe d’Huez is a resort that thrives all year long. An exceptional spot for unforgettable ski experience for both learners and experienced athletes, its wide range of ski levels caters to all visiting guests. For the brave and bold guests in town, why not tackle the longest run in the Alps? Alpe d’Huez is home to the 16km Sarenne, a thrilling run offering sharp inclines and a flat finish so you can get your breath back. But for an even better ski experience, give night skiing shot at the Sarenne slopes. 

Les Arcs

A winter sports paradise, Club Med Les Arcs Panorama is ideal for those yearning for a spring getaway with the family for skiing in April. With 70% of slopes above 2000m, 3 summits above 3000m and 2 glaciers, that's snow conditions ticked off for a ski holiday. The area boasts plenty of wide blue runs, located high in the peaks that families can traverse together with ease. With our all-inclusive features of ski classes and locker services, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes the moment you arrive.  

La Plagne

Easily discerned from a bird's eye view, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Club Med La Plagne’s distinctive red rooftops amidst the blanket of snow it sits upon. With average snow depths of 198cm in April, there’s plenty of snow to play around in for a spring ski holiday. What more is there to ask for? For those looking for unforgettable apres-ski experience, La Plagne is the place to go. Celebrate the end of the day in a warm atmosphere around cheese fondu with Mont Blanc in the background. In the evening, keep the temperature high on the dance floor at the Indoor bar.