Here are our tips for exploring the temples, exciting landscapes and magnificent natural environment of Japan

Japan is so close to us, since we experience influences of its rich culture on our daily lives, yet, it is so far because of the physical distance between us. The Land of the Rising Sun is a fascinating destination. Travel to the other end of the world and explore the heritage of this beautiful country.

A poignant journey from tradition to modernity

Very often, the most captivating thing when one visits Japan is how secular tradition and contemporary society have come to coexist. Take a stroll in the streets of Sapporo, in Hokkaido Island, and explore the fascinating contrast created by these two aspects of the Land of the Rising Sun, where there are glass buildings beside sanctuary temples. Thus, within a few moments, you will pass through the sheltered paths of Maruyama Park, which hosts Hakkaido-Jingu, one of the biggest sanctuary temples in the country, and arrive in the vibrant streets of Susukino District, where multicoloured neon lights come on as soon as it is evening.

If you visit Japan during the blossoming of cherry trees, you will be able to take part in hanami, one of the most beautiful traditions of the country. The Japanese love blossoming cherry trees (sakura) and celebrate spring by organising family picnics under the shade of trees that bear white to pink flowers. The cherry trees blossom at different times of the year, depending on the part of the archipelago, ranging from late January on Ishigaki-Jima Island to early May on Hokkaido Island. You will enjoy sublime views of cherry trees in parks or beside sanctuary temples.

Did you know? Onsen, a tradition of relaxation

Go on adventure to Jozankei, a thermal village at the heart of the mountains not far from Sapporo which has become a real wellness destination. Since the end of the 20th Century, the Japanese have enjoyed hot water baths (onsen) with water that is in high demand in Japan. It has essentially rejuvenating and beneficial properties on the skin.

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A unique destination, both in summer and winter

If you wish to enjoy a tropical atmosphere in Japan, head for Ishigaki-Jima. Kabira Bay is an ideal destination for a relaxing time on an immaculate white sand beach with turquoise to emerald water. It is the top destination in Japan for divers. Explore the seabed that surrounds the island and contains abundant fauna and flora. In summer, the highlight of the diving excursions will be when you pass by the Manta Scramble site, which becomes a real sanctuary for manta rays that live in these warm waters and perform a majestic dance for onlookers. On the land, you can explore Tôrin-ji, one of the sanctuary temples of the island, and roam the green edges of Mount Omoto.

If you are wondering what to do in Japan in winter, take a flight to Hokkaido where you can enjoy the magnificent mountain resorts. In eastern Hokkaido, you will enjoy skiing on the slopes of Mount Tomamu or Mount Sahoro. The skiable areas have tracks for all levels. Go on dog sledding tours, snowshoe hikes or mountain treks. You can enjoy all kinds of mountain activities and imbibe the enchanting culture and environment.

Stunning natural environment

When you visit Japan, you can explore its volcanic land and delightful landscapes. Besides, the Japanese are particularly proud of the stunning views afforded by their volcanic mountains, fertile land and tropical beaches. In Hokkaido, Daisetsuzan National park has numerous beautiful peaks, and has been called the “Garden of the Gods”. In winter, the ground is covered with immaculate white snow that stretches as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by the fumaroles of Mount Asahidake. If you visit Japan in spring and summer, you will be able to roam through these reliefs and the multicoloured flowers of the mountain vegetation and forest. In autumn, the vibrant landscape affords you panoramic views with colours that range from ochre to red and yellow.

There are numerous reasons to visit Japan in summer and winter. The Land of the Rising Sun has modernity and tradition, stunning nature and cosmopolitan towns and you will surely enjoy an enchanting stay. You can tour a temple and stroll in the countryside, go to the mountain or relax on a beach, all on the same day.

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